Roleystone Theatre presents:

Dick Whittington & His Cat (pantomime)

The story of Dick Whittington venturing to London with his cat to find his fortune is concreted within English folklore.  Add into this story an evil rat with his mind set on world domination, 2 fairies at opposites of each other (with one ending up at the pub), a dame with her eye on any male over 25 and a rollicking chorus full of Londoners and you have the basic plot for the pantomime Dick Whittington. 




December: 7, 8 (matinee and evening), 12, 14 

(+ possibly 20/21) 2019 

at the Roleystone Hall

Rehearsals will be: 

Monday, Wednesday and some Sundays (as needed).



Auditions will be on Saturday 17th August and Sunday 18th August  2019 , to be held at the Roleystone Hall (corner Wygonda Rd and Jarrah Road, Roleystone).

For more information, or to book an audition time, please email the director, Nicola Beard through

Auditions must be booked with the director. 


Audition notes – you will need to prepare and present a song at the audition that demonstrates your vocal range (how high/low you can sing) and characterisation (ability to ‘act’ in the song). You will need to bring your own backing music to the audition (CD, mP3, phone etc) – please ask the director for specifics of what will be available on the day to play your music.




Dick Whittington- Principal Boy – Female or male actor, age 25-35

Dick is 'honest and true' and is a little naïve but has an underlying charm. He has some emotional scenes making the role more character driven than a basic Principal 'Boy'. Must be able to hold a good solo and be a strong dancer.

Alice Fitzwarren - Principal Girl – Female, age 20 - 30

Alice is a fairly traditional Principal Girl, although she manages to be the one to disarm King Rat at the end, and possibly knee him in the groin in the process! She is sweet, beautiful yet tenacious when needed to be. Must be able to hold a good solo and be a strong dancer.

Tommy the Cat - Male or Female, age 18 - 65

A typical cat in personality; apparently self-centred and food obsessed and liable to wander in during critical moments. Tommy is a very physical role as he is very important in the development of the plot and comedic timing. Must be able to interact with both the audience and the cast with ease. Strong singing and dancing role. 

Sarah the Cook - Dame – Male, age 45+

Idle Jack's mum, who works for Alderman Fitzwarren as cook and shop keeper. She's saucy, in your face, kind-hearted and a normal Dame. Sets her sights on Alderman Fitzwarren and pretty much everyone else! Constantly asking the audience for help or opinions, she has a pretty strong role in keeping the audience engaged with the story and a lot of the comedy.

Idle Jack – Male, age 25 - 35

Not so much stupid as allergic to work - faints or falls asleep if someone mentions the word. Does a lot of comic work with the Dame and gets a lot of the rapid fire comic lines. Physical humour a high priority, as he falls asleep comedically a lot.

Alderman Fitzwarren – Male, age 45+

Normal father type - protective, bluff, voice of authority. 

King Rat – Male, age 20 - 65

Thoroughly villainous villain. Gratuitously evil and threatening to the audience. Though being a giant evil rat, he has a certain style compared to his Henchrats. The source of his power is a magic staff. Dick and his Cat are pretty much the only threat to his plans for world domination. Despises cats with a passion. He enjoys being evil.

Itchy - Henchrat Male or Female, age 18 - 65

Both Henchrats are ratty and disgusting in appearance and mannerisms. Itchy is the more intelligent of the two, constantly in search of something to improve the condition of his fur. Both appear a lot as they are constantly trying and failing to foil Dick and carry out evil plans.

Scratchy - Henchrat Male or Female, age 18 - 65

Like Itchy, very disgusting! Infested with fleas and lice. Slightly more stupid than Itchy, although that is a relative thing! 


Fairy Bowbells – Female, age 20-30

Young and beautiful Fairy who does things by the book. Inexperienced but clever and earnest in her manner. Speaks a little poshly and is book smart not street-smart. She wants to be as good a fairy as possible and everything about her is archetypal Good Fairy. The Good Fairy duo are more involved than in most pantos and need to be a strong comedic pair.

Fairy Sheila – Female age 35+

Older Aussie Fairy. Streetwise. Bends the rules. Rough diamond. A maverick. She's got the know-how but has a tendency to get distracted and go off down the pub! A lot of comedy involved. 


A traditional pantomime would not be the same without a robust and comedic chorus. This will be a mix of males and females young and old – no theatre experience necessary although will need to be able to sing and dance, often at the same time. 

Children: There are a limited number of places available for children (over the age of 11) however all children under 16 will need to be supervised by a parent or guardian at every rehearsal.  A parental roster will be set up for show nights with all volunteers required to have a valid Working with Children’s Check.

Roleystone Theatre Gala Concert 2019
'Songs of Animation'

Saturday 14 September 2019
at Roleystone Hall (44 jarrah Road, Roleystone)

Expressions of interest are now open to perform in this year’s gala, which will be a celebration of songs from animated movies.

Whether it be a song written for the movie, or a pre-existing song that has been featured in an animated movie, we hope to put together an evening that is fun for all, both audience and performers. The gala is open to performers of all levels of experience. One of the features of our galas in previous years has been the mix of up and coming performers, and seasoned veterans.

If you would like to be considered as a performer, please email Paul Treasure at

Bookings for the event will open closer to the date.

A facebook event will be up on the Roleystone Theatre facebook page soon.