Audition Notice

An outdoors production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare

Directed by Paul Treasure

After talking about it for YEARS, we are finally doing it! Roleystone Theatre will be doing an outdoor season of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Season Dates: February/March 2020, dates yet to be finalized as dependent on venue

Late Afternoon/early evening performances, Saturdays and Sundays only

Venue: yet to be finalized – OUTDOORS!!!

Audition Date – Thursday 5th December starting at 7:00pm at the Roleystone Hall – Cnr Jarrah and Wygonda Roads, Roleystone (opposite the Roleystone Shops)

For any enquiries, please contact the director, Paul Treasure at or by SMSing 0402 530 529 (please do not call)

We are looking for a fun and energetic group of actors to tackle this interesting project.

This will be a group audition, just relax and go with it. If you cannot make it for the start time, just let us know and get there when you can. If you need to leave early, let us know on the day. Above all HAVE FUN!!!

Actors are requested to prepare a speech. It is not necessary for you to learn it off by heart, just prepare it – we’re judging your acting and your projection, not your speed learning skills.

Projection is vital – we will be doing an outdoor performance without amplification, so actors will need excellent projection.

Actors of all ages, ethnicities, and gender identities welcome.
All roles are open to be played by actors of any gender. With the exceptions of Theseus, Hippolyta, Hermia, Helena, Demetrius, and Lysander.

Hermia/Helena – as open as the director normally is to casting against type, it is important that Hermia be short and dark haired, and Helena be tall and fair haired. Half the jokes in one of the best scenes of the play make repeated reference to these features.

We will be using an edited version of the script. If we have cut your favourite bit, we may be open to reincluding it – if you can justify it!

Theseus – Duke of Athens (may be doubled with Oberon)
Hippolyta – Queen of the Amazons (may be doubled with Titania)
Egeus – father of Hermia
Hermia – daughter of Egeus, in love with Lysander – must be short and dark haired
Helena – in love with Demetrius – must be tall and fair haired
Demetrius – suitor to Hermia, former lover of Helena
Lysander – in love with Hermia

Nick Bottom, the weaver – plays Pyramus – gets turned into a donkey and has scenes with Titania
Peter Quince, the carpenter – plays the Prologue
Francis Flute, a bellows mender – plays Thisby – it’s funnier if Flute is young and obviously male
Tom Snout, a tinker – plays the wall
Snug, a joiner – plays the lion
Robin Starveling, a tailor – plays Moonshine

Oberon – King of the Fairies (may be doubled with Theseus)
Titania – Queen of the Fairies (may be doubled with Hippolyta)
Puck – a mischievous sprite
Peaseblossom – fairy servant to Titania
Cobweb – fairy servant to Titania
Moth – fairy servant to Titania
Mustardseed – fairy servant to Titania
Other fairies – there is the opportunity to include more fairies, but they will not have lines

For any enquiries, please contact the director, Paul Treasure at or by SMSing 0402 530 529 (please do not call)