Guards! Guards! 

(Terry Pratchett play) 

Adapted for the Stage by Stephen Briggs


Directed by Bradley Towton


Show Dates: Eight Performances - November 22, 23 (2pm), 23, 24 (5pm), 28, 29, 30 (2pm), 30


Venue: Roleystone Theatre

(587 Brookton Hwy, Roleystone)


Rehearsals: Twice per week, later three times per week.

Tues. and Thurs., occasional Sunday added as required


Audition Date and Time:

July 20 and 21, 2024.

10am – 2pm.

Contact: or send a message to 0407 479 354 to book an audition slot and receive the audition pieces to work on.


Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs, in this story the city of Ankh-Morpork (in the Discworld) is under threat from a 60 foot fire-breathing dragon, summoned by a secret society of malcontented tradesmen. Defending the city is the underpaid and undervalued City Night Watch - including a drunken and world-weary Captain, a cowardly Sergeant, a small opportunistic Corporal of dubious parentage...and their newest recruit, Lance Constable Carrot, who is upright, literal, law-abiding and keen. Aiding them in their fight for truth, justice and the Ankh-Morporkian way are a small swamp dragon and the Librarian of Unseen University (who just happens to be an orang-utan).


Audition detail:

The audition will consist of reading 2 (two) of the audition pieces. Pieces do not need to be memorised.


Auditionees must also present a piece showcasing their accent

work (British formal/casual desired).


It is a requirement that all cast and crew become members of Roleystone Theatre.

Cast must attend all rehearsals that they are called for. Missing several rehearsals may result in being removed from the show.


Ages listed are suggested, not final. Anyone may audition for any role. Many of these roles will be split roles, with one actor performing multiple roles. All actors should have similar stage time, regardless of roles.


Character List

One Role Characters


Carrot Ironfoundersson 20+ 


The Footnote/Narrator ANY


Captain Vimes 30+ 


Corporal Nobbs 20+


Lupine Wonse/Grand Master 30+ 


Sergeant Colon 40+


Lady Sybil Ramkin 30+


The Librarian ANY


Multiple Role Characters

One Actor: Must be able to be ‘weasely’

Zebbo Mooty, Brother Fingers, Urdo Van Pew, CMOT Dibbler, Second Worthy, Servant


One Actor:

Carrot’s Dad, Brother Doorkeeper, First Warrior, First Guard


One Actor: Must have big voice

Brother Watchtower, Archchancellor, Second Warrior


One Actor:

Brother Plasterer, First Citizen, First Worthy


One Actor:

Brother Dunnykin, Second Guard, Second Citizen


One Actor: Must have excellent vocal control

Death, the Dragon, Chief Assassin, The Patrician



*Successful auditionees will be required to become members of Roleystone Theatre. Membership for single adults is currently $25 (Junior and Family also available).
*Cast must attend all rehearsals that they are called for. Missing several rehearsals may result in your role being recast.
Roleystone Theatre is a Not For Profit Community Organisation.