Audition Notice
‘Secret Bridesmaid's Business’
presented by the Roleystone Theatre Inc.

When: Sunday 9th June, 2019
At: the Roleystone Hall (corner Wygonda Rd and Jarrah Rd, Roleystone)

Production dates: October 11th, 12th, 13th (matinee), 18th and 19th

To book an audition: please email the director, Michelle Ezzy, at

It is the night before Meg's wedding. She and her bridesmaids are planning to kick up their heels as the final hours before the big day tick down. However not everything goes to plan as a last-minute scandal threatens to ruin the whole affair. Elizabeth Coleman's wonderful characters bring this seriously funny play to life. Never far from reality, it exposes the insanity that can be created as the wedding juggernaut threatens to swerve out of control. Marriage may be a wonderful thing, but after a night like this, well, could it really be worth it? –
Written by award winning Australian playwright Elizabeth Coleman.

About the Director:
Michelle Ezzy is a theatre educator, actor and has been directing, choreographing and vocal coaching youth theatre since 2016. A strident advocate of women in theatre, Michelle has chosen ‘Secret Bridesmaid’s Business’ for its strong, well-developed and complex female characters. In this play, the characters are a clearly not perfect people – who is? – offering actors the opportunity to carefully unpack their characters as the story progresses.

Please note - Ages of characters are very flexible and will depend on the age profiles of auditionees.

Meg Bacon - 30s, the bride. Smart, warm and fun. The ability to explore a range of emotions is a must.

Angela Dixon - 30s, matron of honour. Loyal, giving and happily married. Seemingly straight forward character with complexities that are revealed during the play.

Lucy Dean - 30s, bridesmaid. Earthy, impetuous, direct. A strong, confident woman who is very in touch with her sexuality. Lucy is fiercely loyal and would never want to deceive a friend.

Naomi Bartlett - 20s, friend. Conflicted, naïve, complex and could be seen as self-absorbed. Her conscience and heart are at war. Please note this character only appears in act 2, however may include a small role of the house maid in the beginning of act 1.

Colleen Bacon - 50s+, mother of the bride. Easily flustered, bossy, well-intentioned and a perfectionist. Very loving and wants the best for her daughter.

James Davis - 30s, Groom. Successful, confident, self-aware, very flawed. Please note this character only appears in act 2.

Sunday 9 June from 10am - 2pm at Roleystone Hall, (corner of Wygonda Road and Jarrah Road, Roleystone)
Possible call backs: Sunday 16 June from 10am

Audition slots will be in small groups in 15 minute blocks.

To book an audition or to make enquiries please email the director, Michelle Ezzy, at with your preferred time and character(s).

Production dates:
October 11th, 12th, 12th (matinee), 18th and 19th

Audition Requirements:
You will be asked to prepare for a warm read of a monologue for the character(s) for which you are auditioning. Monologues will be sent out after you have booked your audition timeslot. It does not need to be memorised as we are most interested in characterisation and interpretation of script. You may also be asked to cold read some scenes with other auditionees or another of the monologues. The script is available to read by request.